Looking for IT engineers?

Zource. Find. Hire

Almost 65% of the time spent in your whole recruiting
and selection process is to find and screen resumes
of potential candidates.

  Enhance your recruiting process while sourcing through our AI platform which will consolidate several sourcing sites (ie. Job Boards, Social Media, CRM, ATS, etc) and get immediate access to pre-qualified candidates according to your search keywords. 

Zourcing will be a new word in your dictionary!

Reduce the time spent on looking for the best profile

Screen the candidates according to what you are looking for, preselect the ones with the best percentage of match, give a look to their experience, find a way to contact them immediately and start your interviews without wasting time with people who won’t fit your profile.

The ones interested, at the reach of your hand

Post your job openings and give candidates the opportunity to get directly to you; start chatting with them without logging out of Zourcing.

Keep control of your positions and candidates

Keep a track of your positions and candidates, identify its status and make sure you don’t get lost in the path.


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