From recruiters to recruiters. At Zourcing, we firmly believe that your job needs to be easier, effective and more than that, satisfying 


Zourcing was created with the intention of making recruiter’s job easier, effective and efficient. While being in the recruitment industry for more than 20 years, we identified that the biggest pain for recruiters was to find a quicker way to communicate with the perfect candidates. Too much time is wasted going from site to site looking to complement their data.

Based on AI, Zourcing does that work for you and drops the ideal people with all the necessary information to assess experience and contact them right away; all in the same place.

Same as recruiters, we know that people struggle while looking for a job, that’s why Zourcing was also created to help candidates to find and apply directly to their perfect job.


Teaming is a great way to achieve goals, and Zourcing has brought together a group of amazing people that built an amazing solution.